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21 octobre 2020
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English Resources

This page provides links to the main literacy resources for the Anglophone communities of Québec: government resources, provincial coalitions, committees and alliances, and resource organizations who provide documentation, training, or online resources.

Government resources

Ministère de l'éducation (English portal)

Direction de l'éducation des adultes et de l'action communautaire (English portal)

Provincial organizations

Literacy Volunteers of Quebec (LVQ) is a provincial coalition that supports community-based volunteer literacy groups through professional development, communication and advocacy for English literacy.

Quebec Literacy Working Group (QLWG)
is a provincial committee of school board representatives, committed to the promotion, advancement and support of adult, youth and family literacy within the English sector. To ensure that it succeeds in its mission, the Quebec Literacy Working Group strives to provide its English School board members with the information, tools and support required to fulfil their continual commitment to literacy needs.

Quebec English Literacy Alliance (QELA)
is an anglophone literacy network comprised of representatives from the English school boards (QLWG) and community-based groups (LVQ) across the province of Quebec.

Documents and resources

The Center for Literacy of Quebec is a Montreal-based resource, professional development and research centre that supports best practices and informed policy development in literacy, by creating bridges between research, policy and practice.

Consult the catalogue of the Centre for Literacy

Dedicated to students and to the teachers, tutors, consultants and administrators who deliver English language literacy in the Province of Quebec, the Quebec English Literacy Alliance Web Site offers a Teaching & Learning Tools section with a wide variety of activities and resources for tutors, teachers and students as well as news, events and links to adult literacy web sites.

RÉCIT is a "REsource network for the development of Competencies through the Integration of Technologies". Encompassing both local and provincial services, its mandate is to build an efficient partnership with regards to ICTs in the subject areas or the targeted student populations.